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catholics around the world. he started it with meeting with meeti meeting pope benedict the 16 td. lauren green is live with more for us. >> this is the most exciting day. we made the comment it is sunny
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this morning. yesterday we were waiting for the white smoke it was raining and pouring and frenching. pope francis made an appearance. there's a lot of ex ub brakes because of that. let me bring in father melcher. before we knew anything about the conclave now we have pope francis. he's a series of first a first from the southern hemisphere the first from america the first jesuwit he is the first pope francis. >> because there are so many unprecedented situations i was shocked. i looked around i said who is this guy? whaerd the word in latin. there are only two georges, george pell and hojorge.
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he appeared on the balcony all of us rushed to look at him and to welcome him cheering and the crowds were going wild. >> the parps were saying talking about the odds makers they had their favorites and long shots. he was on nobody's list. why is that? >> if you look at perhaps other segments of society other people had perhaps had him on their list. on my short list of 24 he was on my list. >> a long list. >> a long short list. nevertheless we know in the previous conclave a lot from favoring him as potential candidate as pontiff. in so far as we see he is a man of humility, a man of deep prayer, a man that is concerned about the needs of the poor, but also a man that is very orthodox and faithful to the teaching of
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the church. morally speaking he is will remain true to pope benedict xvi has taught and john paul ii has taught. two things that kept him off the list. everyone thought they were going to go for a much younger man. he is 76 years old. how do you think his age will play as to how he can handle the office and all of the challenges that lay ahead? >> this will be a situation that we must look at very seriously. we have a pontiff who has retired because of age and infirmity. hopefully this will not become a precedence. we will see what happens. this pope is now two years younger than pope benedict xvi when he was electd in 20056789 as a result we see more vigor but also more wisdom in age and experience that will come. in 2005 when cardinal he was 8
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years younger than he was. he has brought with him perhaps more experience. >> thank you very much father. we will be here for more talking about the new pope, pope francis. he will be visiting pope benedict today. he asked his fellow cardinals if he could delay his mass so we could he could visit pope benedict not far from horome he. that's the situation. back to you guys ainsley and patty ann. >> lauren green live for us in rome this morning. >> it is time for your 5@5:00. we start with a news alert. a police standoff underway in up state new york. cops say they have cornered an armed man in an abandoned building who is suspected of going on a shooting spree. it is unclear if he is alive after exchanging gun fire with at least one officer.
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>> it is scary. this is a spall town. this stuff shouldn't happen around here. >> basically during the whole valley area into a ghost town. people aren't out. they usually are. >> 64-year-old kurt meyers set fire to his apartment drove to local businesses and shot four people dead. six months after the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi libya's prime minister is promising his government logical find whoever is responsibilile and put them on trial. they named deborah jones as ambassador. stevens and other three americans were killed in the september 11th attack. >> the gulf of mexico still burning more than 24-hours after it caught fire. it will may take a day possibly through tomorrow before the fire is entirely out. a tug boat was pulling a barge it hit a pipeline. the captain suffered serious
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burns. three other workers were treated for minor injuries and released. the head of the tsa heads to capitol hill to defend his decision to allow knives on planes. he is not backing down and the administration needs to focus ob things that are most destructive such as bombs. it would allow pocket knives and sporting equipment on board. razor blades and box cutters are still banned. thousands of conservatives heading toward the nation's capitol as cpac kicks off. some of the people speaking today florida senator marco rubio and kentucky senator rand paul. that is your 5@5:00. >> time for the dpooirgs weather update with janice dean. >> i heard spring is around the
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corner. >> we have a winter storm we will talk about i promise across the northeast. look at those temperatures, 24 in chicago, 26 in minneapolis. 32 in chicago. 32 in atlanta where they have freeze warnings in effect across georgia and south carolina. 49 in dallas. the one warm spot is the southwest where it is already 70. 70 in phoenix and they are going to hit the 90s today. satellite radar not too much to talk about. we have snow across the eastern great lakes as well as parts of the midwest and ohio river valley. we have another storm system moving in the west. this one will bring rain and snow. another system dies across the upper midwest toward the ohio valley and northeast as we head into the weekend. our highs today still cool along the northeast. warming up toward the south.
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phoenix they could set records in phoenix, arizona today and tomorrow. 93 and 93 as we head into the weekend. little early for 9 0s. maybe they are used to it. i am not sure in phoenix. i would say 9 0z are a little early. >> i agree with you. whatever you say. >> maybe they are jumping for joy. >> back to you. >> in a few hours samsung is unveiling it's new galaxy phone and it could give the iphone a run for its money. adam shapiro is here. can anything give the iphone a run for its money? >> i am a little prejudiced i am an iphone guy. it surpassed samsung they ha ip they have 29 percent of the market iphone has 22.
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it will be pretty much the same old thing with improvements to the camera that kind of thing. smart phone experts say you won't see changes in apple and samsung until a year and a half where you get bendable screens. you know all of them with smashed screen that is may be gone forever. >> that is when you drop it and it breaks. >> bendable screen. >> nothing surprises us any more. >> march madness just a few more days. >> brackets on sunday. >> how does it effect productivity at the workplace? >> people tend to watch the games during the workday on computers. don't you love that you can get video on the computer. none of us at fox news do that. to show you how much productivity is lost, they have an lal sis abonal sis 134 doll million --
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$134 million. cyber monday 488 million. summer olympics 650 million. fantasy football 6.5 bill. march madness no hangovers. social media. wasting time going to facebook or twirt. none of us at fox do that either that costs productivity, $650 billion. >> a lot of offices don't allow it any more. >> they don't allow it they monitor you. >> we are always on our scripts researching when at the computer. >> thank you for coming in this early. it is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up when he was candidate obama he said our nation's debt was irresponsible. now he's changing his tune. >> we don't have an mead yacht crisis in terms of debt. >> what changed besides the sky
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>> 14 minutes after the hour. here are quick headlines. the house passing a bill preventing the obama administration from waving work requirements for federal assistance. it passed 246 to 281. a disturbing study out of california where a kiddie academy teacher has been raised. she is accused of lacing sipy cuts with sleeping aids. they are 1 and 2 years old. someone saw her put something in
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their cup. they found evidence at her home. she has since been fired. >> what is it like to fly in the danger zone? lockheed martin has set up cockpit sim tlierts for x 35 lightening 2 in arizona. it's as single seat single engine aircraft for the u.s. military. 16 trillion and counting. obama says the country does not have a debt crisis a much different story compared to what he said as senator in 2008. we have the latest on this story. >> this entire week the president put out a renewed effort to reach a budget deal with republicans. the white house wants to pass a budget for next year and raise the debt ceiling but during an interview with abc he said the u.s. doesn't have an immediate debt crisis. >> have an immediate crisis in terms of debt. in fact for the next ten years
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it will be in a sustainable place. >> that is a startling different stance than we heard from the president during his 2008 campaign. number 43 added $4 trillion by his loan some so we have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back. 30,000 dollars for every man, woman and child. that's irresponsible. it's unpatriotic. >> republicans kararen't takinge comments likely. they approved paul ryan's blue print plan that would balance a budget in a decade with $4.6 trillion worth of cuts. the house will consider it on the floor next week. republicans say the debt needs to be handled with more urgency. >> my view is, i think he and many like him, many democrats on capitol hill for that matter don't think of this as a debt crisis because things haven't
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imploded yet. it's not a question of if it's a question of when. >> on wednesday patty murray has a plan that leaves the country $556 billions in shortfalls. after ten years the president will be back meeting with house republicans. >> thanks so much elizabeth. it is now 17 minutes after the hour. coming up on "the rundown"" do you want to get hired? cheryl casone is here to help you get pooir hired. >> share something really caring. what she gave her classmates that probably made her one of the most popular girls in
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>> it is 21 after the hour. new information on a dead licks employings in a restaurant in kansas city last night. the tragedy came one hour after construction crews hit the gas fliern the restaurant. a former department of veteran affairs said he was told to ignore data. he denies this. >> despite the drop in unemployment 3,000 people left the work force last month.
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cheryl casone is here featuring three companies hiring right now. hi, cheryl. >> good morning. one of the trends we saw during the recession is americans were trying to keep their cars longer. keep them on the roads as long as they could. nasa is benefitting from that. the 700 jobs opening right now. this does not include 4800's own franchises across the country. there are even more jobs across the country. you can be an owner of a store. 80 percent are independently owned franchises managers, counter sales. there are 100 new stores throughout the year. if you are full-time you get full benefits at this company. i always look at the benefits a piece of the job puzzle. >> and they have part-time jobs as well. >> boxing becoming biering and biering. >> this is a new franchise. title boxing. they have 2800 new team members
2:25 am
right now. 2013. 30 clubs across the country under construction. they have 200 more planned. there are 1,000 calories you can burn during these boxing classes. obviously this is a great opportunity for veterans. physical job you can keep the shape going when you were overseas or in the military. you can save money. >> true communications. >> yes, they are actively looking for veterans. it's voice, data all of the things we use the internet for which is basically our lives. looking at 120 people you can be a cell tower technicians. you can be an engineer or project manager. those jobs range 55,000 to about 70,000 or more. again they are actively looking for military personnel. there's training. right now there's big government contracts they are working on
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irs, va and also working with verizon and at&t. we like to highlight companies that are looking for veterans to get them back on their feet. you can log in and apply for the job. e-mail me fx job if you are lacking to hire a lot of companies are coming in reaching out to us saying here's the jobs here's the information. >> it works on both ends. >> cheryl casone, thanks as always. >> the time 24 half the hour. still to come it's their job to spot and stop weapons from getting through airport security. wait until you hear why the agency says it missed a bomb. government spies don't want to
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go through your history. >> number one on the billboard charts from tim mcgraw. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understand. our financial advice is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice.
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first. i am patti ann browne. >> i am ainsley earhardt. it is 5:28. the new pope schedule already filling up on his first day. pope francis already visiting one of the major basilicas in rome to pray to the virgin mary. later today he will meet with his predecessor pope benedict and celebrate mass with the cardinals who elected him in the sistine chapel. lauren green is live in rome with more on all of this. good morning, lauren. >> good morning. the setting of the conclave is no more. his name is pope frantis the first. he is the former hojorge an argentine. 8 years ago he was second to joseph cardinal raf singer who became pope benedict xvi. he has turned that second into a series of firsts. he is the first from south
2:32 am
america, the first from the americas. the first jesuit the first outside the europe in centuries the first from the southern hemisphere. the crowds were intensely jubl lent seeing him for the first time. the reaction is unbelievable. take a listen. >> it was amazing. it was very emotional. i am catholic, and so this was a dream come true for me and for my family and so it was amazing to be here. we were right up in the front. everybody was chanting. francisco. >> i hope he will bring unity to all of the catholic people around the world that they will come back to the church and forget about thaefrg has happened and all of the problems of the past. >> this afternoon he will have mass with the cardinal electors who elevated him to pope. he will have a series of events
2:33 am
this week. he will meet with the press also this saturday. the people who have been covering the conclave being included excited about that. the installation mass will be next tuesday to officially put him as the successor to saint peter the 266th successor to saint peter. back to you patti ann and ainsley. >> lauren green live from rome. thank you. >> the secret service helps keep the president safe but he's blaming them for cancelling white house tours. despite out of control spending president obama saying there is no debt crisis. doug luzader joins us with more on the president's claims. >> a lot of finger pointing on the tour issue. we will start with the budget. the president telling wealthy donors they should prepare for the battle ahead. he told abc news the national debt now approaching $17 trillion may not be the crisis some make it out to be. >> we don't have an immediate crisis in terms of debt.
2:34 am
in fact for the next ten years it will be in a sustainable place. >> with another day of meetings with both democrats and republicans on capitol hill that sentiment may create deeper division with deficit hawk that says democrats plan to raise taxes almost a trillion dollars over the next decade are simply a deal breaker. >> i love to hear the president's answer as to why he doesn't believe we have a debt crisis or why he doesn't believe we have a spending problem. >> there is the matter of the white house tours. who ordered them closed for budget cuts. the white house initially said it was the administration's call. the president then claim blames the secret service. leaving it to white house spokesman jay carney to explain. >> the secret service made a decision about the budget and with draw personnel from tours. we had to cancel the tours. it's our job to cancel the tours. >> the decision has caused all kinds of headaches for the white house which may now have to
2:35 am
reopen the dours on at least a limited basis. even the lib berled toreial page of the "washington post" reopened the white house doors. they call this the equivalent of bureaucratic hostage taking. >> thanks, doug. >> it is time now for your 5@5:30. the top five stories making news at this hour. more than 800,000 of your tax dollars were spent on a lavish conference by the gsa. now a marriage board has ruled that a fired senior executive with the general services administration must get his job back. paul will get 11 months of bag pay while gsa officials claim he should have known about the excessive spending the board said because he didn't attend the 2010 conference he is not guilty of misconduct. the agency may appeal the ruling. >> 67 people charged with using a veteran's charity as a front
2:36 am
for illegal gambling. 40 of the world parlors claim to use gambling to raise money for a charity. in reality only 2 percent of the 290 million raised was actually donated. the rest spent by executives on cars boats even donations to political campaigns. lieutenant governor jennifer carol who once did marketing for that charity has also stepped down after being questioned by authorities. she has not been charged. >> they are extremely hard to spot. that's the quote from the tsa explaining how the agency let a mock bomb into the security airport. they are trying to defend the security lapse. last month a federal agency was able to sneak a fake bomb into his pants through two levels of security. the excuse comes as the head of the tsa, john pistol prepares to testify today in front of the homeland security committee.
2:37 am
>> governments may soon be able to look at your financial information so they can site terror. they are claim to go give them financial data on every person who banks in the u.s. according to the routers report. the government said data will be used to look at suspicious activity which clou plots against the u.s. >> while she was probably the most popular girl in school for a short time until she got caught a fist grader brought 20,000 dollars of cash and handed it out. another student asked about her pack back and the girl started handing them out like a mini atm machine. >> word got around and kids started coming to her asking for the money. she started giving it away as much as $500 to one student. a couple hundred to some other students. it was very, very unusual. something that we don't usually deal with.
2:38 am
our students don't come to school with that much money if any money at all. >> the girl says a neighbor another child gave her the bag full of cash. police are trying to figure out who it really belongs to and how it all happened. that's your 5@5:30. before you leave the house this morning let's get your first degree weather update with janice dean. >> we are talking about spring. you know how many days we are looking at on the calendar? >> how many? >> 6. >> the 21st? >> the 20th this year. >> i can't believe that. >> die know if this is wishful thinking or not we have another storm system we are going to be tracking that could bring more snow to the midwest and northeast. i know. unbelievable. the satellite radar imagery right now not too much. we have a clipper system across the upper midwest. light snow flurry activity across the northeast and rain and snow for the next couple of days in the northeast.
2:39 am
light snow across the area nothing too major. however let's take a look at next week. we are going to be watching a developing system that moves across the rockies into the midwest. that will determine whether it is rain or snow. this is an impressive storm acrosses the midwest for monday. we will see a developing section along the coast. it would be mainly a rain event for new york and boston. but the computer models keep flip flopping. this is something we have to monitor as we head into early next week. we could have a developing snowstorm. it seems to be the rural for winter. i am all tongue tied because we have another storm. >> it makes you speechless. >> i second that.
2:40 am
it is time toent tan this. the top ten finalists vying for the title of american idol. last night they performed songs made popular by past winners. ♪ ♪ flush >> wow, there's some talent there. we will have one contestant being sent home tonight. we have the newly released 911 calls revealing the moment after ed aznar got seriously ill during his one man show in indiana. >> we have some type of play going on and one of the performers is sweating profusely. >> we need a medic. >> what do you need a medic for,
2:41 am
ma'am? >> the performer is on stage and has gotten sick. >> aznar was rushed to the hospital and treated for exhaustion. the 83-year-old most famous for his role as lou grant in mary tyler moore show. miranda lambert coming to the rescue of this historical pooch. she tweeted the picture saying she found him on the side of the highway in oklahoma. she will care for him until she finds a home. >> now for your starting lineup. the top stories this morning it didn't come easy but the miami heat kept their streak alive. duane wade added 21 including that late game shot put in 98-94. miami becomes only the fourth team in nba history to win 20 straight season games. an nfl free agent saw big moves but none bigger than the denver broncos signing wide receiver
2:42 am
wes welker. he agreed to a two-year $12 million deal with denver. he spent the last 6 seasons with the new england patriots. a serious sight for lakers. kobe bryant severely spraining his left ankle with seconds left in the 4th quarter. x-rays were negative. not known how long he will be out. >> it is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. coming up they were supposed to be a sweet treat for his friends but the brownies had something extra sending a lot of kids to the hospital. >> gone in 24 seconds. stealing cars a family business for these two brothers. ♪
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they ate brownies lace withed marijuana. they were take tone the hospital for dizziness and nausea. they got the brownie from a classmate and shared it on recess. no words how they got their hands on the brownie. researches say those treated with radiation are more likely to develop heart problems later. the doctors say you should not panic. the chance of suffer ago radiation induced heart attack is very small. counties are struggling to survive. new sense sus data shows 1.3 counties seeing decreasing populations. experts blame aging population and struggling economies that force younger people to go elsewhere for work. rural communities hit hardest. nearly 50 percying population decreases. the conclave elected a new
2:47 am
pope. the cardinal from argentina is a jesuit who has been described as one word, humble. what can we expect from this new catholic leader? we are joined boo a jesu-- by a jesuit priest. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> how can this influence his leadership as our new pope? >> i think with this pope we will see a man as you mentioned very humble deeply spiritual and informed by the spirit. he will be a man of great prayer who will bring great change to the church. certainly hoping he will be a man who will reconnect the church with the people on the ground level. >> i want to ask you about that. i am hearing from a lot of catholics who say they want to combine the tradition with the modern world. he's known to be a reformer. will this happen? >> i certainly hope so. that has always been the indication with him.
2:48 am
we heard he is a man urging the priest to leave the rector res to get out on the street to be akty with the faithful to work with the most marginalized. he has done this in his own ministry. we are hoping for this whole vision of returning to what was the original ideal of the church. >> that takes us to his name he choose the name francis. the st. francis i heard as ad t always. if necessary, use words. we have a pope now who helps the poor, he washes the feet of aids vic patients, he is actually letting his actions speak and preach. do we expect to see more of that in the church? >> i certainly hope so. by all indications last night the fact that he presented himself to his own people in rome asked for their blessing. i think that is a major step forward. it's a signal of pig change in the papacy. he will be asking priests to be
2:49 am
more involved in this direct ministry of the poor. that is echoing the great message of the second vatican council which was a bit muted in the last few years. i think will be something that will be on the scope of the whole church. >> many say that is the point of the church. >> i think that is a message the cardinals are trying to send. this is a church they would like to see in many ways a return to the second vatican council. the idea of engagement with culture working with those who are most in need of the ministry of the church in some ways. so i think it's a very exciting time for the church. >> how is he different than pope benedict xvi. what were the cardinals looking for voting at this time? >> they are looking for a reformer of the curia. this is a man who is not an insider. he has practically no roman experience. it is interesting they would bring someone with the vision of dedication to the people on the street level and not someone who would be thought of as being an inside roman reformer but who
2:50 am
has had a lot of experience reforming a large metropolitan like society. that will be very exciting the fact that he is a latin american is also very, very interesting. >> right. first time. >> i think it's exciting for u.s. catholics as well. i think we can expect a great resurgence in the faith. we are hoping for that in the united states and latin america. >> we will see. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> it is now 48 after the top of the hour. forget esp. could reading someone else's mind be as simple as a brain test? seems they weren't only creating a fantasy world. those living in oz will cost taxpayers millions. >> we have more on what's coming up on fox and friends. >> i told you in the elevator. why do i have to repeat it to everybody. >> you know this already. roman times will be here. he's the best singer ever at
2:51 am
least the one we know. he will clean out everybody's sinuses. white house tours this thing couldn't get any more controversial. the president yesterday had to tell everyone to be respectful of his own explanation. james inop is live he's upset as you are upset. tuition aid is going to the veterans because of the sequester. he wants to bring it back. only on "fox & friends." see you then. i am taking attendance. you get better quality control. so our test flights are less stressful. i've got a lot of paperwork, and time is everything here. that's why i upgraded to sprint direct connect. [ chirp ] and instant push-to-talk nationwide. [ male announcer ] upgrade to the new "done." [ chirp ] with instant push-to-talk, three times the coverage, and android productivity apps. now when you buy one motorola admiral rugged smartphone, for ninety nine ninety nine, you'll get four free for you business. visit a sprint store, or call eight five five, eight seven eight, four biz. ...amelia...
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>> nissan is recalling a call it covers the altima, the leaf,
2:55 am
path finder sentra infinity jx 35 suv. they are not sure how many are affected. they will start notifying car owners next month. if only i could read your mind that. saying is now true. for the first time they are now able to see what you are thinking thanks to a brain scan. the area scans the same place in the brain where personalities are processed. meaning we are likely predicting the behavior of someone before we even meet them. patti ann? >> in 2010 michigan was expecting a $1.58 billion deficit. why did millions of tax payer dollars go help disney make the movie oz? diane macedo has this story. >> despite the financial trouble michigan is contributing roughly $4 million to production of disney's oz the great and powerful thanks to an incentive program aimed at making michigan the hollywood of the midwest.
2:56 am
according to the mackinac center the public policy in 2010 the program included a 42 percent refund of all in state movie production costs which lawmakers opened would persuade film studios to relocate to michigan and create long-term economic growth there. roughly $100 million budget that left the great and powerful left michigan taxpayers with a $39.7 million bill while disney went on to post a profit the michigan studio where the film was made missed 3 payments to investors which the state of michigan retirement system has to pay and the state is also on the hook for another 18 million if the michigan motion picture studio is unable to make payments to the bondholders. the fiscal agency for 2010 to 2011 even the most optimistic the subsidy costs michigan taxpayers $125 million and only returned $13.5 million of the money. the most surprising part of this
2:57 am
report could be the response after capping the subsidy at 25 million after he took office in 2010 michigan governor rick snyder and the legislature later agreed to raise the cap to 50 million for fiscal year 2010. >> diane, thank you so much. still at the top of the hour next on the rundown one teacher going to extreme measures to find out who was stealing from the candy jar. >> apparently it runs in the family. two brothers caught on camera mastering the art of stealing cars. e announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. . : .
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thought i had it in the blizzard of '93. ha! never even came close. sometimes, i actually think it's mocking me. [ engine revs ] what?! quattro!!!!! ♪ there's no subtext... just tacos. yeah, it's our job to make you want it. but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican.

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